Crypto Analysts Reveal Sub-$1 Altcoins Set To Outperform In The Bull Run

With the Bitcoin price having already seen a massive rally over the past year, crypto investors have turned their attention to altcoins. This is because altcoin season usually comes after Bitcoin finishes rallying and they present more potential for upside. Ahead of the second leg of the crypto bull market that is suppose to happen sometime this year, the crypto analysts at Analyst Buzz have revealed the top altcoins that are trading under $1 right now that could be a good buy. Still Bullish On Polygon’s MATIC The first of the altcoins featured on the list is Polygon’s MATIC. This comes as a surprise, as MATIC has been one of the only top altcoins that has failed to see any kind of outperformance in the last year. However, this could be part of the reason why the analyst feels the altcoin is set to outperform. Related Reading: Why Is This Crypto Pundit Warning XRP Investors To Be At Alert For The Next 3-12 Months Despite rallying in the last day, the MATIC price is still down more than 75% from its all-time high price of $2.92. This is in start contrast to larger cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have either broken a new all-time high or come close to it this year. Ondo Finance Still A Top Contender Among Altcoins Ondo Finance has been making waves this year, and despite being relatively new compared to the other altcoins on this list, its performance has been among the top movers. The cryptocurrency was pushed into the limelight following its partnership with trillion-dollar asset manager BlackRock. In 2024 alone, the coin has seen an over 1,000% gain, going from $0.08355 to over $1 before correcting back downward. But despite this, the crypto analysts expect the altcoin to continue to perform well going into the bull run. Oasis Network (ROSE) Makes List Of Altcoins With Potential Oasis Network’s ROSE also makes it into Altcoin Buzz’s list of altcoins set to outperform in the bull market. This Layer 1 blockchain project had flown under the radar during the bear market, which eventually saw its price fall around 90% from its all-time high of $0.59. However, the price of ROSE is beginning to pick up now and is currently trading at what many call a steal at $0.091. Unlike the altcoins already mentioned, the ROSE market cap is still under $1 billion, which gives it a lot of room to run during the crypto bull market. Golem (GLM) Is Still In The Game? Featuring among the list of altcoins with the potential to outperform in the crypto bull market is GLM, the native token of the Golem platform. Golem has been in the crypto market for a while but it is only now that it is making its play as AI and computing become a leading narrative in the market. Related Reading: Why Did The Bitcoin Price Rise Above $66,000 Today? The project features a peer-to-peer distributed computing resource which allows users to interact directly with each other. As computing becomes an even hotter narrative, Golem could very well be a great investment. GLM is currently down around 57% from its $1.25 all-time high after a rather eventual start to 2024. Just like Oasis Network (ROSE), its market cap is still under $1 billion, making it one of the altcoins with the potential to run hard. Chart from